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Chinese fare with Middle Eastern flavors served with more familiar plates


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We were BLOWN AWAY by how awesome this food was! We spent 10 days in Shanghai with a Chinese host who was from Sichuan province, and who therefore took us to amazing Sichuan restaurant after restaurant during our stay (he didn't think much of local Shanghai cuisine, I gathered.) So, not that 10 days makes us experts, but we knew these were the legitimate flavors at the first bite. Fantastic twice cooked pork (and we loved the cabbage it comes with,) Dan Dan noodles using Sichuan "numbing corn" spice but just right, not overwhelming at all, and great "pickles" (this is really fresh cucumber in a tasty oil and vinegar type dressing.) The shrimp lo mein pleased my finicky MIL who likes American-style Chinese.

We have pretty much always gone for that restaurant with the duck (you know the one) when we go out, but I think that will be changing now that we've discovered Xi'an SW!

The food was supposed to arrive at 6:40-6:50 but we had it in our hands by 6:25! On a holiday!

I doubt we'll ever order from another Chinese restaurant again.


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This is not an American Chinese restaurant, for those thinking it might be. Ordered a bunch of items as I wasn't sure what to expect. The Pork bone soup was literally pork bone. I thought it would be more like the bone ramen broth, but it was broth with an actual bone. I didn't care for it, but it tasted correct (like that type of soup tastes in China). I also ordered the house soup, which was excellent, and also a soup with glass noodles, which was also excellent. This restaurant is definitely authentic and I would eat delivery from here again.


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Kung pao chicken was the best I've had in philly so far. Noodles here are really good and the quality is good. Everything tasted fresh and was well prepared. I'd rather pay more for quality and this place does it right. Dumplings they have aren't for me, but the flavor is good.


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Best most flavorful Chinese food on grubhub in Philly! Delivery took a while but soooo worth it.


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Sauteed Spicy Chicken and Noodle is my favorite dish in all of Chinatown, bar none.

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Living around the Rittenhouse Sq area, there are few options for authentic chinese food. Xi an offers many authentic items at a good price. Disregard if you are just looking for some General Tso's. Dumpling in Chili Sauce -- a bit lacking in sauce, but still good Biang Biang Noodles with Ginger Scallion Sauce -- very good Handmade East Noodles with pork mandarin sauce -- excellent

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